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  • Sungold tomatoes
  • Limited edition white marigolds
  • Multicolored marigolds
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  • Big Boy Tomatoes

    Big boy tomatoes have an amazing productivity and gorgeous, perfect, large red fruit. It has an incredible aroma and rich flavor. The fruits weigh 10 oz with many reaching 1 lb. or more. Healthy, indeterminate vines produce all summer long. They are ready to be harvested about 78 days after planting. These tomatoes are highly valued by all gardeners.

    Big boy tomatoes
    Sungold Tomatoes
    These amazing tomatoes are gold gems. It has a sweet-tart flavor that is to die for. They come in large clusters and are beautifully golden-orange. This tomato is very sweet and delicious.
    Sungold tomatoes
    White marigolds

    This is without a doubt a plant that must be grown in your garden. Incredibly free flowering, you will have ample blossoms to brighten the garden as well as grace fresh arrangements. Strong stemmed upright plants grow to 24" tall and proudly display full 3" globes of the whitest marigold we have ever grown. Try them with warm colored zinnias, salvias or celosias. Can be sown directly in the garden after all chance of frost, or start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost for earlier blooming. Grow in full sun and space plants 12-14" apart in the garden. GARDEN TIP: Remove spent blooms and fertilize regularly to promote fuller, more robust blooms.

    Limited edition white marigolds
    *Credit to Burpee for the description of these tomatoes
    Multicolored marigolds
    Multicolored marigolds